Mojo: A Smart Lens AR Startup

The popular term augmented reality glasses or VR Glasses are still not yet reality a. The technology behind AR headset is still not converted to what we all expect to be smart lens . However, the tiresomeness associated with AR headsets or wearing spectacles is about to be replaced. A company called Mojo is building a smart lens solution which can directly wore on our eyeballs.

Mojo is building a smart tech augmented reality replacing Headsets to as little as small Lens using microelectronics. With their device Mojo wants to enter a piece of smart lens directly into your eyes.

Mojo Smart lens technology has its own adjustment and compromises. Humans would have to get used to it few extra grams just like we started off with mobile extra weight in our pockets. The risk associated with wearing right on eyes is another risk ad that’s why Mojo is very cautious since 2015 it started

Mojo smart lens objectives employing useful data and imagery over our natural vision. By this Mojo’s promising new technology would offer local temperature, current weather, and some forecast information, driving routes on a simple map. It has a new way to show calendar and to-do information.

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