Huawei In Hot Waters after British Led 5G Club Comes Close to Washington

The British made 5G club aims sought alternative european technology partners to growing Huawei competition.

Named as the D10 alliance or new European 5G club of democracies the UK along with other European countries is building a 5G coalition to break dependence on Huawei 5G technology and equipment. UK safety and security experts fear that the Chinese Huawei is high risk vendor after it sorted its investigation into Huawei’s connection in UK’s mobile network upgrade – this all comes at times when US is perusing its 5G technology chips Ban to Huawei. From China point of view, it sees US hand to hurt a growing competitor to American tech companies.

The British plans to further restrict the Huawei 5G equipment sales in UK after PM Borris Johnons restricted 35% market cap for Huawei. UK has squad up with Australia, South Korea, France, Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, US along with India to work out further alienation of Huawei 5G expansion plans in Europe and wants complete restrictions beyond 2023.

Strengthen European Huawei 5G Competitors

The alliance wants to empower European companies like Nokia and Ericsson to provide 5G equipment own technology. The 2023 is as near as possible for these companies can fairly manage a 5G strength with alternative 5G Equipment and technology not before that, experts believe.

To further expand its member UK has already approached Washington about D10 plans.  

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