Covid19 Tracing Apps: Are they worth it?

With a popular shift towards a Coronavirus Contact-Tracing Apps Launch Across Europe the privacy and Adoption are still vogue terms.

Amidst Coronavirus there is popular coronavirus app called “Corona-Warn-App” for its users in germany that aids trace infection chains of SARS-CoV-2 (which can cause COVID-19) in Germany. “Carona Warn App”has been downloaded 6.5 million times in the first 24 hours since its launch. Huge numbers Get the App

There is certainly a stagnant growth in adopting those apps. Many other alike apps are being used by many Gulf Countries like Kuwait and Bahrain. Still not a priority for UK, though the app is being developed on same pattern. It is being developed by by NHSX part of  NHS, the app would notify the mobile user of app when they have come into close proximity to someone infected with Covid-19.

Though these Apps could help vulnerabilities to COVID-19 infection ultimately preventing spread of the coronavirus there is also a down side of privacy concerns which may pose a legal challenge. The coronavirus apps keep track by logging when two phones are in close proximity for longer times hence a breach of privacy takes place. The Norway’s health authority delete its own Smittestopp coronavirus app and all data it collected through contact-tracing and suspend further use of the tool.

Not just the privacy of centralised systems comes as question but the effectiveness. of these apps are also being raised. These apps certainly slows down the numbers race and that’s the first effectiveness it serves the society. The second question is adopting those corna warn apps ?Users in many gulf countries have to use as a mandatory app other wise there are fines that are imposed. While in many european countries we see resistance in term sof privacy which slows down effectivity of these apps.

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