Convid-19 : Lessons From China’s Recent Fight in Beijing

After Wuhan’s coronavirus outbreak, China was on toes fighting against the new tide with literally zero knowledge and understanding. From testing kits to understanding the spread and immune to plasma therapies — it was all done in the field. After Wuhan’s success, the world followed the Chinese wisdom and lockdown became the major protocol wherever Convid-19 had entered.

When the Covid-19 outbreak started in Beijing Chinese tested its 1.1 million people for coronavirus in less than a week and has halted many flights, but strangely no lockdown was imposed as in Wuhan. If it’s something that needs to be learnt from. It’s how Chinese use experience and resources with erudite wisdom to fight the new Beijing Convid-19 outbreak.

People within Beijing continue their daily life and show contentment towards governments new no-lockdown policy. Shops, restaurants and even hair salons operate with one principle help aggressive testing and contact tracing booths at hospitals, park entrances, stadiums and community centres. This led the new record of corona administering swabs from 1.1 million people in less than a week.

Thousands of Beijing residents forms queue for hours to get tested this leads to all new record testing in a week.

Beijing ‘s new mandatory rule makes workers of restaurant and supermarkets among health care workers, as well as all neighbours of the 183 confirmed cases to be tested. Anyone going within blocks of the shuttered Xinfadi market receives an automated cell phone text message urging an immediate test.

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